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The OpenStack neutron CLI allows you to control almost all aspects of neutron that you can control with the REST api. For the more advanced command line operations, it is not always clear how to structure the command line arguments. Examples include clearing an attribute, setting a list of key-values, … You need this to set routes for a router, host routes on a subnet, the gateway of a subnet, … It took me quite some time to figure this out, so this might be helpful as a reference.

In complex network deployments you need to set routes on subnets (these get distributed through dhcp to the vm’s) or additional routes on routers in the host_routes and routes property respectively. Each route consists of a cidr destination address and a next hop. The syntax for this is the following:
neutron router-update router1 --routes type=dict list=true destination=,nexthop= destination=,nexthop=

This command sets a default route and a route to an other router connected to router1. The “magic” here is that you need to specify that it is a list of dictionaries. The CLI tool transforms this to the following JSON:
"routes": [{"nexthop": "", "destination": ""}, {"nexthop": "", "destination": ""}]

If you want to clear these routes you need use the following command:
neutron router-update router1 --routes action=clear

You can use the action=clear syntax to clear other attributes as well, such as the gateway of a subnet.

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