What’s next?

In June I obtained my PhD and now it is time for the next step. Together with other partners we are working on a venture, more details will follow later. Currently I am finishing up the research at DistriNet and the projects I was involved with.

In the meanwhile I am available for freelance work and consulting. I have build up expertise in the design and management (deployment and monitoring) of complex distributed systems in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The technologies I am specialized in:

  • OpenStack, Ceph and Open vSwitch
  • Puppet and other tools
  • Monitoring and logging: Metrics, Collectd, Graphite, OpenTSDB, Nagios, Logstash Kibana, …
  • JBoss Application Server
  • Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOS
  • Cassandra, MongoDB and HBase
  • Python3 development
  • Redmine and automated git hosting
  • Alfresco

My LinkedIn profile.

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