eAccelerator 0.9.6 rc 1

Yesterday I released a first release candidate of 0.9.6. Some very big changes have been made to eAccelerator. Everyone has noticed that there is not much development. The main reason is that eAccelerator does pretty good what it needs to do. So new releases are only made to keep eAccelerator in sync with PHP releases. For this reason version 0.9.6 goes back to basics. I am only going to keep the script cache part of eAccelerator up to date with PHP, so all other functionality has been removed from eAccelerator. If you need the other functionality you have two choices:

  1. You do not upgrade PHP and keep using the working version of eA
  2. You port the removed parts to the current PHP version so I can merge them back in AND you make a commitment to keep on maintaining them.

Please test this release and provide us with feedback. The source is available from here.

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